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Want to Rehab Safe & Comfortably? <br>Try the Shuttle!

08 Sep

Want to Rehab Safe & Comfortably?
Try the Shuttle!

The Shuttle has been trusted by physical therapists for over 30 years to provide patients who are recovering from injury or surgery to successfully regain strength and stability through total body rehabilitation and training.

The Shuttle Press System is built to provide a variety of patient issues by offering a wide range of activities for rehabilitation. This strength training machine incorporates a three in one machine that features a supine (lying on your back) leg press, less than body weight plyometrics, and early stage rehabilitation tool resistance and adjustability to the stages of recovery.

In the supine position, this machine provides full extension resistance training with minimized joint impact. As a plyometric tool, it allows for jumping and explosive movement in a controlled and less than body weight environment. Resistance can be ramped from very low (40lbs) to more challenging (up to 600lbs) as recovery progresses.

Plyometrics Features:

• Increase lower extremity power to enhance sprinting, jumping, and acceleration.

• Increase ballistic and foot speed skills to improve vital directional changes.

• Increase speed and quickness at the neurological level to optimize performance results.

Rehabilitation Features:

• Accelerate healing through the controlled stressing of appropriate muscles and joints.

• Accelerate balance and stability in less than body weight conditions.

• Accelerate confidence in critical eccentric lower extremity motions.

Strength & Conditioning Features:

• Build efficiency and technique in lower extremity performance workouts.

• Build greater anaerobic/aerobic capacity.

• Build strength and endurance to more effectively perform sport specific activities.

If you are looking for local physical therapy that offers every possible technique and piece of equipment to SAFELY and COMFORTABLY get you back to feeling 100% again, Elite Physical Therapy is the answer.

We strive to provide our patients with the newest, safest and best equipment, training and knowledge to get you back on your feet again! . Let us help “Shuttle” you in your wellness journey!

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