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Hurricane Laura Clean-Up

08 Sep

Hurricane Laura Clean-Up

💔Our hearts are hurting for all of those locally and in our state who have been affected by Hurricane Laura.

💪Louisianians are strong and we will get through this together with our neighbors as we help each other pick up the pieces and move forward!

🏡While we are all still recovering and cleaning up from the storm, we wanted to send out a video to help keep you guys SAFE while you are out there in your yards and the community, picking up those limbs and cleaning up our neighbors and our own yards. ‼️Raking and lifting are some of the most common causes of low back injuries and pain to many people. Twisting and overexertion can cause inflamed muscles, primarily in the back and neck area.‼️

🌳Watch the VIDEO for how not to injure your back while picking up limbs and debris!

🌿Here are some additional tips to help PREVENT back pain and injury while cleaning up your yard:

1. Hydrate!

2. Warmup before diving into the hard work.

3. Change positions frequently to reduce muscle strain.

4. Mix up your tasks (make a circuit) & only do one for 20 minutes at a time of heavy lifting.

5. Use wheel barrow or cart to move heavy items.

6. Take a break every 40 minutes. And hydrate again!

7. Mind your technique & form.

8. Listen to your body. Pain is a warning sign!

9. We are here if you need us!

🔥If you become injured while working outdoors, you should stop immediately, rest and ice your injury. If your pain persists, give us a call at 318-443-3311 so we can get you pain relief!

❤️💪❤️ We are a strong community and we will get through this together! We are here for you NOW and WHEN you need us! ❤️💪❤️

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